Saved By the Bell Boss Says Revival Pokes Fun at Parts of the Original Show That 'Didn't Age Well'

By Celebrity News Wire on November 19, 2020

Mitchell Hoog, Belmont Cameli, Josie Totah, Alycia Pascual-Pena, and Haskiri Velazquez, Saved by the Bell | Photo Credits: NBCUniversal\/","thumbnail_height":360,"thumbnail_url":"https:\/\/\/vi\/O0uCr5-5p5Q\/hqdefault.jpg","thumbnail_width":480,"title":"Saved by the Bell | Official Trailer | Peacock","type":"video","version":"1.0","width":480}" data-url="" data-autoplay="false" data-loop="false" data-start="0" data-fs="true" data-rel="true">

The first episode of Peacock's Saved by the Bell reimagining (this is not a reboot, as everyone involved is very quick to explain) opens with a scene that instantly catches us up with a character anyone who is even vaguely familiar with the original sitcom will recognize: Zack Morris himself, still


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