Rachel Bilson Pictures: Waiting for Forever Movie Premiere Photos and Pics

Rachel Bilson Pictures: Rachel Bilson arrives on the red carpet at the "Waiting for Forever" movie premiere held at The Grove on February 1, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Life has gotten complicated for actress Emma Twist. Her mediocre TV show has been cancelled, she's on the rocks with her boyfriend Aaron, and her father's illness has been deemed terminal. To make matters worse, her childhood friend Will Donner, whom she hasn't laid eyes on since they were children, has decided now is the time to profess his true feelings for her. When everyone unexpectedly converges in Emma's hometown, questions of family, love, and how we live our lives are explored.

"Waiting for Forever" opens in theaters nationwide on February 4.

Photo credit: Emiley Schweich / PR Photos